Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aloha Restaurant in Decatur, IL

This mural is painted on the back of the ALOHA RESTAURANT.
located off Pershing Ave, a block down from Cub Foods.

3025 Kandy Lane, Decatur, IL 62526, 217-875-5540, Featuring Chinese cuisine with a Polynesian atmosphere.


Yahoo - leeandbarbsheeley Nov 06 07
I think Decaturs best Asian food restaurant is Aloha, out off Pershing, the food is always good , the drinks from the bar are very authentic , and the atmosphere is China-Town type, it used to be called Nan King.


  1. Tammy says 'Aloha'

    By Tammy

    March 23, 2007 at 2:21 pm Aloha everyone!

    From a touch of Ireland to the taste of Hawaii, Ted and I went to Aloha Restaurant this week and fell in love.

    Not with each other, more with the décor of the place.

    The solid doors of the restaurant led to a whirlwind of everything Hawaiian — beaded lanterns, tiki masks, large potted plants, beautiful scenery paintings and bright-colored flowers.

    The place just shouted, “Aloha!”

    Even the ceiling was decorated with lattice twine giving the feeling of being engulfed in the restaurant’s atmosphere.

    There were two separate rooms to the restaurant, one having an entryway with shutters. Ted and I were unsure if the “shutters room” was a smoking room or a party room, but we could tell, by gradually looking in, that it too was immersed with decorations like the main seating area, which is where we were seated.

    The menu was a mix of Hawaiian and Chinese dishes with four main meat groups: seafood, pork, chicken and beef. Most of the items were served with rice, and aside from meat, vegetable meals were also avail-able.

    On the menu, I noticed a full page of special alcoholic drinks, and some of the names were hilarious. My favorite was “Double Vision.”

    The restaurant has luncheon specials from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily and a buffet during special times.

    My mouth watered deciding on what to eat — cashew chicken, beef with broccoli, general TSO’s chicken, broccoli chicken and pineapple chicken. It was so hard to pick that the waitress had to visit our table at least three times before I made up my mind.

    I finally decided on the sweet & sour chicken, while Ted splurged with the Aloha Shrimp Delight at $12.95. (Ted’s not so much on a $10 budget as I am.)

    While we waited on our meals, our placemats piqued our interest. I didn’t know much about Chinese zo-diac signs; let alone what my own Chinese zodiac fortune reads, but I found out that night.

    It said I would be best in the arts as an entertainer or as a lawyer. Ted guffawed at the idea; I threatened to sue him.

    Our food came out piping hot, as the red sauce covering my sweet and sour chicken immediately caught my eye.

    It was delicious, especially with the pieces of pineapple mixed in with the chicken. Ted was delighted with his shrimp delight as well.

    With more than enough to eat, I had to doggy-bag mine home, and then came the fortune cookies — my favorite part. I don’t remember what mines said, but I remember laughing after adding “in bed” to the end of my fortune.

    My meal and a pop totaled $10.23, and with tip took me over my limit slightly more.

    Aloha was an eye pleaser as much as it was a taste pleaser, and Ted and I can’t wait to go back with grass skirts shaking in the wind.

    Aloha Restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

    The restaurant is located at 3025 Kandy Lane and can be reached at 875-5540.

  2. Official dumbest name ever for a chinese restaurant but the food was ok. Besides the flat soda and lukewarm chicken it was alright. Just avoid the bathroom if you want to keep your appetite.